We provide small to medium businesses with Health and Safety Services for total peace of mind and management of your Health and Safety obligations.

Our support ensures you not only meet the requirements of the new Health and Safety at Work Act, but you also have a system that helps to ensure staff get to go home alive and unharmed at the end of each working day.

We ensure you have the written manuals to document your Health and Safety intent. Where we differ is the engagement of our personal coaches to help you actually implement compliant safety practices.

Health + Safety Coaching NZ - Our Difference

Regular on-site meetings with you and your team

An ongoing relationship that helps enhance social, emotional and practical business culure ‘buy in’.

Coaching and mentoring of key personnel to help them be focused and accountable

Providing management with the training and tools for due diligence responsibilities

We drill down on all issues both above and below the surface as graphically shown in the health and safety "iceberg"

Health + Safety Coaching NZ - Tools & Resources

Health and Safety manual - all the policies, forms and information you need at your fingertips

Free call hotline for easy access to professional safety advice

Ongoing reviews of your performance towards health and safety compliance.

Tools enabling independent examination against AS/NZS 4801. Support and guidance in meeting prequalification requirements and developing and implementing Health and Safety Contingency Plans.

Industry specific products constantly being developed eg Rental Property Management - Investor Package, employee engagement and wellness packages and strategies to reduce workplace bullying and conflict packages

A cloud based 24/7 system enabling our clients’ to monitor the implementation of their H and S program

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