Health + Safety Coaching NZ - Otago

Malcolm Sherlaw - Health + Safety Coaching NZ, Otago

With over 30 years’ experience from the factory floor of Fisher and Paykel and beyond, Malcolm knows firsthand how a well-oiled team should operate.

From early on, Malcolm discovered that for a production process to work properly, it’ll need to meet numerous quality standards – just like any workplace. Achieving these benchmarks is just one of the reasons why Malcolm took up the challenge here at Health + Safety Coaching NZ.

He has a determined approach and work ethic with an eye for detail envied by those around him. He knows how to get ideas across to others and identify the techniques needed to consistently achieve Health and Safety results in plain English for his valued clients to understand.

Malcolm also considers himself somewhat of a problem solver, an ability he has honed and developed over several Total Quality Management courses. These skills have come in handy several times over already, with Malcolm being part of the team that developed various products and process over the years for Fisher and Paykel.

He is married to Jacqui Sherlaw who together they are developing their H&S business within the Southern region.

Malcolm is very involved in his family and at every opportunity is out and about in his 4WD enjoying our great country and camping where the fishing is good.