Health + Safety Coaching NZ is the leading Health and Safety solutions support company.

To achieve this, Health + Safety Coaching NZ is building a network of Health and Safety Coaches available to work alongside a wide variety of businesses - from farmers, retailers, trades, transport and engineers - to support the implementation of compliant Health and Safety practices in their workplaces.

Health + Safety Coaching NZ - Our Approach

Our approach is based around ensuring your organisation can concentrate on its core business whilst meeting or exceeding the current Health and Safety legislative and implementation requirements.

By working with us you’ll unravel the complex Health and Safety requirements to enable practical, common-sense and adaptable strategies to be implemented. It’s our ‘Top of the Cliff’ approach, where you will establish a partnership between your staff, at all levels, clients and ourselves to achieve a business culture geared for Health and Safety excellence.

Like putting on a seat belt in a motor vehicle, the aim is to have everyday Health and Safety become business as usual rather than the exception.

Health + Safety Coaching NZ - Our Vision

Our vision is to be the No.1 acknowledged Health and Safety coaching organisation. We will achieve this by striving to deliver industry leading services based on technical proficiency, accountability, compliance and motivation to our clients.