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Gavin McLaughlin - Health + Safety Coaching NZ Wairarapa / Hutt Valley

Wairarapa and Hutt Valley franchisee Gavin McLaughlin’s detailed background in banking across the lower North Island has provided him with a wide variety of interpersonal skills, perfect for a role in Health & Safety culture change.

Gavin began his working life with BNZ and spent most of his 20 years with them in retail banking in Taranaki, before moving to Wellington and specializing in property management.

This change gave him a firm grounding in customer service for later in life when he became self-employed, where he worked in retail and energy conservation, as well as the GPS Tracking Industry, with the Health and Safety of staff and efficiency of the business was a key focus.

He has a passion for helping people and believes there is a need to clearly identify risk in every industry, regardless of what level of risk that may be. By assisting them to assess risk and understanding the implications of the new ‘Health and Safety at Work’ Act on them and their business, PCBU’s are much more accepting of the act overall.

Since joining Health + Safety Coaching NZ, his focus has been to ensure workers are aware of their responsibilities under the new Act plus the mentoring of PCBU’s removing and managing any concerns they have.

Gavin is a motorsport fan and has a V8 Nissan Silvia parked in his shed, alongside an early Mustang that is a ‘fine weather only’ car, with it still needing some important work done on the brakes! He also enjoys his golf and rugby.